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4 reasons you should use a Realtor when you buy a house in Pasadena

Updated: May 2, 2022

1) A Buyer’s Agent Works For Your Best Interest

As your buyer’s agent, I am required to represent your best interest. My first job is to seek the right property for you and with you, and I am not bound to the seller or another client. If the home you like is over priced, I can help you negotiate. If it is undervalued, I can help you identify that to make the right moves to secure it fast! Buyer’s agents are paid at escrow from the seller's proceeds. You get all of the benefits of having someone on your side who is completely looking out 100% for your best interest with no upfront costs to you.

2) We Understand The Contracts

The contract commits the buyer and seller to a series of contingent clauses, to a price, and to a date for completion. It can provide an exit option for the buyer if something is wrong or not as presented.
Contracts are complicated, and as your Realtor, I can help you draw up an offer and I cam make sure that you have the right clauses and protection so that you are not bound to purchase a property that might have damage, mold, insects, or other issues.

3) You Can See More Properties

As your agent, I have access to homes listed by other agents. I can perform multiple searches using a wide range of criteria. Yes, websites offer you access to homes for sale, the information is not always current, and they do not show you all of the detail available to agents in the MLS. Some sites even show confusing listings that are not for sale.
Once we have identified the homes you want to see, I can arrange viewing of them. This will save you tome and energy. Many listing agents will not be thrilled to come out to show you a home they have listed, they don’t want to be dual agents and they know most of the time, it is not likely to result in your purchase of their listing. I can show you as many houses as you want to look at, arranging them for you and meeting you there, so that you can focus your energy just on your search, not on arranging dozens of appointments with different listing agents.

4) I’m a Great Negotiator, That’s My Job

I can negotiate details for you and I can help you with getting through to the seller who is often emotionally wrapped up in the sale of the home. One of the best things about having an agent is the layer of separation it provides you in the transaction. You have someone who is on your team and I can work behind the scenes to present concerns in a way that delivers results instead of tension and broken contracts.

Should You Have an Agent When You Buy a House?

It is defiantly possible to buy a home without my help or without an agent at all, but this is a big investment. Do you really want to go it alone without someone to answer your questions and guide you to a smooth closing? If you are ready to look at homes and you know that having a professional, licensed agent is in your own best interest, please call me today. I would love to know about the home you want, and to answer your questions about how I can be of service to you in your search for it!
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