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Probates, Trusts, and Estate Liquidation Services

Selling your loved one’s real estate and personal property is often a daunting task full of emotional roadblocks and difficult decisions. It often requires professional guidance from experienced professionals. As the founder of one of the nation’s most successful estate liquidation companies Lisa Kroese has the understanding and skills to unburden you and help save you time and money. Whether your loved one’s personal and real property are in probate or in a trust, Lisa knows how to manage, market, and negotiate every component of your estate sale.

Hiring the right REALTOR® can help give you peace of mind when you are dealing with loss and hardships. A successful liquidation requires knowledge of the current market and of the steps involved. The ability to negotiate and to coordinate complex details are both vital to success. Lisa is here to help plan every phase of your transaction according to your specific goals and timelines. She will work tirelessly to get the best results for your family. Lisa meets with you first and then customizes the estate marketing plan and schedule based on your needs. Every family is unique, so her approach is never a one size fits all program.

If you are looking for one call does it all estate liquidation solutions in Pasadena or Greater Los Angeles, Lisa could be the right fit for you. Whether you just need a real estate probate specialist, or a team of contractors, a clean-out crew, a professional organizer, liquidation estate sale, personal property appraiser, contact her for support. Do you need an investor ready to pay cash or simply a handsome cash advance? Lisa is your go to professional who can handle it all.

Lisa is an expert in the process of selling estates and overseeing all of the real estate and personal property details. Her clients hire her so that they can concentrate on their families and loved ones. Estate Planning Attorneys, Trust Administrators, and Trustees have all relied on Lisa for liquidation services.

Clean Outs and Closings

Often estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance. My team and I can create a punch list and oversee everything that has to be done to bring your estate up to the right standard to sell in our competitive Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles area markets.

Estate Liquidations

If you are looking at your loved one’s lifetime of possessions and collections, and are unsure of the valuation or the best method of liquidation, call Lisa for a free consultation. Unlike most REALTORS, Lisa has a background as a CAGA certified personal property appraiser and estate liquidation professional. She has worked with hundreds of families on estates of every scope and scale. Whether you have business property, fine art, collections, or simply a lifetime of home goods and objects, Lisa and her team can get everything sorted and sold, brokered, and/or donated for the maximum return to the estate. If a donation is best suited to some or all of the personal property assets in your estate, Lisa can help the estate realize tax advantages by providing a USPAP compliant written fair market valuation report.

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