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Pasadena Real Estate Transfer Inspections

Updated: May 2, 2022

If you are buying or selling a home in Pasadena, CA you will have to navigate the city's pre-sale inspection program. This post will help you understand program and its background, and provide the links you need for compliance.

In 2019, Pasadena’s City Council approved an ordinance replacing the previous Occupancy Inspection Program with the Presale Self-Certification Program. The Ordinance (No. 7337) and Municipal Code Section (14.17) impacts sellers and places a requirement that sellers obtain a Presale Certification of Completion or Presale Certificate of Inspection before closing escrow on a single-family home, condo, townhome, or a duplex.

In Pasadena, the owner is responsible for obtaining a Presale Certificate of Completion or a Presale Certificate of Inspection. Through these options, the city intends to improve the safety of residential properties by addressing major life and safety code violations.

In the 1970’s the Pasadena City inspection and approval was required prior to the sale of any single family residential home or duplex to improve the City’s housing stock.
The Presale Self-Certification Program grants a self-certification option on eligible properties the meet specific requirements.

What is required to be eligible for a Presale Certificate of Completion?

  • The property must not have any open code compliance cases. In addition, the application for a Presale Certificate of Completion requires the owner to self-certify the following:

  • Property’s actual square footage of living space does not exceed LA County Assessor’s record by 10% or greater;

  • Property meets fire prevention, detection and exiting requirements; and,

  • Property does not have un-permitted construction, additions, conversions or accessory structures greater than 120 square feet.

Visit to complete your presale application. The web portal will navigate you through the application process allowing you to obtain the required Presale Certificate of Completion or schedule a City inspection (if required).
You can apply for either the presale certificate of completion or the certificate of inspection

If approved, you can submit a Presale Certificate of Completion online or at the Permit Center. In person applicaitons can be submitted at the City of Pasadena Permit Center located at 175 North Garfield.

Pasadena homeowners who are not approved for the certification of completion must submit an application for a Presale Certificate of Inspection. A City Inspection will be scheduled once submitted. Once the inspection is completed, sellers will be provided with a housing inspection report that points out any deficiencies that are found.

If no violations are found, you will be provided with a Presale Certificate of Inspection after the Sidewalk Assessment Fees are paid. If compliance issues are identified, homeowners can address them and reschedule a new inspection (fee applies), or execute a Transfer of Responsibility that places the onus on the buyer to rectify any identified deficiencies.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a home or investment property in Pasadena, please let me know. I'm a California Association of Realtor's Certified Probate and Trust specialist serving the Pasadena community. Text or call me directly at 626-755-0636 for honest answers to all of your real estate questions.
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