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Listing Your Home For Sale

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Who knew that my degree in fine art, and my experience as a writer, would be so useful to my real estate clients?

As your real estate agent, my creative and business skillsets allow me to best market your most valuable asset: your home. 

I will write detailed, accurate, and professional listing copy. 

I will have professional photography shot of your house to create beautiful images. I will work with you on staging your home to present your listing in the best possible manner to potential buyers.

High standards and professionalism are important to showing off your listing. How will we stand out in a crowded housing market if we do not dazzle in everything we do? 

I’ll make sure your listing copy is proofread and expertly crafted so that your listing stands out. You will be proud and happy to share the listing we create. I want you to be excited about showing your listing to friends, family, and neighbors. 

A creative flair can help reveal the unique story of your home and paints a picture for buyers. This will set you apart and and help your home attract offers. My goal is to work with you to present your listing in a way that will attract qualified, ideal buyers for your listing. 

I keep local market dynamics in mind. It seems like too many agents are presenting listings with bland, generic copy, and haphazard, unflattering images. They don’t know the neighborhoods, employers, or the schools. 

I live in Pasadena, my children are Pasadena Unified School District students. My husband works for the area’s largest employer: California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). I know what buyers are looking for in and around Pasadena. 

I am focused on grabbing home buyers’ attention with your listing. The unique features of your home matter, and I will listen to you when you tell me what you love about your house.


Having relocated all over the country more times than I want to remember, I know what it can feel like to talk with a Realtor about your home. I have worked with some great Realtors, I have also sometimes met with an agent and sensed that they just wanted to list for a low price to get a quick sale so they could move on to their next transaction. That’s not the experience I will offer you. At our consultation, I will focus completely on what you want out of your listing experience. Then, I will come up with a plan to reach your goal. 

When we meet for your consult, I will ask important questions like: 

How soon do you want your house sold? 

What have you loved most about your home?

Can you tell me your favorite thing about your neighborhood? 

I believe that just because your home and another nearby house both have three bedrooms (or two, or five) that does not mean that your house and that house are identical in value. I will use my personal property appraisal skills to do an in depth comparison of the current real estate listings in your neighborhood. I will select recent sales data that are the most accurate and compelling comparable examples to determine my recommendations in your home’s offered at value.

If you hire me, I will not use the cookie cutter approach. I will get to the special sizzle of your property. Your home is special, your family is special, and so is Pasadena. Let’s sell together!

I promise to be honest with you. If you want an agent who has high standards, who tells your home’s story, and who carefully adds a beautiful original take on the details of your property, I am your agent.

Once we have offers, I will negotiate like crazy for you and keep you informed every step of the way of every development. I care about your money like it is my money. 

You will have an open, honest advocate to get you through escrow and closing. Call or text me at 626-755-0636 or use my contact form below so that I can answer your questions.

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