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Downsizing for Retirement

Please join me at the Monrovia Community Center for Lunch and Learn. RSVP to 626-256-8225 to get your lunch. 11am-1pm on 1/12. I will be covering Downsizing for Retirement on our 3-part panel: “Planting the seeds for today and tomorrow”
Part 1: Creating Guaranteed Lifetime Income – presented by Veronica Vasquez
What is Long-Term Care? – presented by Merridith Gonzalez
Part 2: Downsizing for Retirement – presented by Lisa Kroese
Part 3: Offering Eco-friendly movement End-of-Life Option – presented by Susan Melcher

If you can't make it but would like to talk about real estate, downsizing, or relocation, please book a no-cost no-obligation appointment with me here. You can opt for phone, zoom, or an in-person consultation.

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